Optibac For Women recommended in Marie Claire

Leona Beeson BSc (Hons) Psychology

Our intimate flora supplement For Women has been mentioned in a recent article from Marie Claire!

There’s always a buzz at Optibac HQ when we’re mentioned in the press, but we’re particularly excited this time as we’ve been recommended in none other than Marie Claire!

In the article, which is called ‘There’s been an 100% spike in search for probiotics for women: 7 brands a health coach recommends’, nutritional health coach Holly Zoccolan talks about women’s friendly bacteria supplements and suggests a few of her own favourite brands. We were absolutely delighted to see that our For Women was included in this elite list!

Friendly bacteria for women

The article covers how good bacteria work and looks at the reasons why women might consider taking them. It also explains how friendly bacteria can be found in fermented foods as well as in supplement form. Some of the best dietary sources are yoghurt, kimchi and miso, though, as Zoccolan points out, “the majority of our diets contain more processed and less natural foods…”. Therefore, supplementing with a well-researched good bacteria supplement may be a good idea. 

For Women: the health coach’s choice

The article lists For Women as one of the supplements to “add to basket now” – and we have to admit, we wholeheartedly agree! Not only does For Women contain highly researched bacterial strains clinically trialled in thousands of women, but it is also completely natural and vegan. This is a supplement that has been designed by women, for women – from all walks of life.

At Optibac, we know that the vaginal microbiome is different to that of the gut, so we’ve formulated a supplement with world-renowned strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and L. reuteri RC-14®, plus L. paracasei F-19®. These strains have all been proven to survive to reach the vagina alive and complement the natural vaginal flora. 

What’s more, with every pack purchased, we donate a portion of sales to international women’s rights charity Womankind Worldwide. We believe that women’s health and women’s rights go hand-in-hand, so we’re proud to support such an incredible organisation. With your support, we’ve raised over £400,000 – and counting. Find out more about our Womankind partnership

Optibac For Women
Optibac is highly recommended by health professionals

Holly Zoccolan is founder of The Health Zoc, a holistic health and lifestyle hub with a focus on women’s health and hormones. 

You can read the article on Marie Claire’s website.

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