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  • Louise-1x1-small.jpg

    Louise Mason

    BA(Hons) DipCNM Nutritional Therapist, DipCNM Naturopath.

    Louise joined Optibac in 2021 and is the Nutrition Team Leader and an Optibac friendly bacteria expert. She graduated from CNM London as a Nutritional Therapist and completed an additional Diploma to become a Naturopath, including subjects such as TCM and herbs. This has expanded the advice that Louise can offer her clients.

    Meet Louise Mason
  • Helen-1x1-small.jpg

    Helen Morton

    BSc(Hons), DipION Nutritional Therapist

    Helen joined Optibac in 2021. She is a qualified Nutritional Therapist from ION, our lead content writer, and an Optibac friendly bacteria expert. Helen is a published author, having written ‘Eat Well Run Strong – essential nutrition for female runners’ prior to joining Optibac. She has a passion for communicating evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice to women of all ages.

    Meet Helen Morton
  • Ursula-Philpott-Green-1x1.jpg

    Ursula Philpott

    BA(Hons) DipCNM Nutritional Therapist

    Ursula is a Nutritional Advisor and an Optibac friendly bacteria expert. Ursula is a qualified Nutritional Therapist from CNM, London. In her practice, she creates a symbiotic relationship between nutrition and yoga, with experience in gut health and women’s hormone balance. Ursula is passionate about connecting mind and body to live a fulfilled and healthy life.

    Meet Ursula Philpott
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We’re all looking forward to helping you find the perfect friendly bacteria supplement and answering any queries or concerns you may have. Perhaps you have an allergy or intolerance, or perhaps you just want to find out a bit more about the different strains within some of our products, whatever question you have, we’re here to help you. Speak to you soon, Camilla, Louise, Emma & Ursula

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Meet Camilla, our Nutrition Team Leader who explains in this short video exactly what to expect when you book a free consultation with either herself or one of the other qualified experts in the Nutrition Team.

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