Glamour Magazine recommends ‘For daily immunity’

Dr Aisling Dwyer MB BCh BAO (Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics), MSc (Personalised Nutrition)

We are thrilled that Optibac’s very own ‘For daily immunity’ has been chosen as one of Glamour’s favourite live cultures supplements on the market!

There are many ways to support our health, some of them more manageable than others, as Glamour’s Bianca London points out. Restrictive diets or morning apple cider vinegar shots are not for everyone! And why should looking after our health be so difficult? It really doesn’t need to be.

With a dizzying array of supplements currently available, we are delighted, but not surprised, that Optibac has been selected as one of Glamour’s go-to products. We’re very proud of our range of high quality, well-researched friendly bacteria supplements. Find out more about what sets us apart: How are Optibac supplements different?

What makes ‘For daily immunity’ so good?

Optibac ‘For daily immunity’ contains a combination of live cultures and vitamin C. Each capsule contains 5 billion live cultures of the strain Lactobacillus paracasei CASEI 431®, which has been widely researched in thousands of people in numerous clinical trials. Vitamin C is well-known for the role it plays in helping to support your body's resistance to infection and maintaining a healthy immune system. Just one capsule a day in the morning is all that is needed. Simple!

Find out more about ‘For daily immunity’.

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