Woman & Home Loves 'For women'!

Soraya Janmohamed Co-founder & Marketing Director

Woman & Home magazine have put a big smile on our faces this week by dedicating an entire article to the importance of probiotics for vaginal health! Not only that, but they have recommended ‘For women’.

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We've been featured in the February issues of Woman & Home and Cosmopolitan!

The article states that balancing our vaginal microflora is as important as a balanced gut and talks about the lesser-known condition, bacterial vaginosis (BV), alongside UTIs and thrush. BV is the least talked about of the ‘big three’ and yet it is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 women suffer from its symptoms, caused by the decline or eradication of lactobilli or ‘good bacteria’.

On the subject of probiotics, Professor Gregor Reid, a world-renowned expert in probiotics for urogenital health, references two specific, well-trialled strains of Lactobacilli; Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14, and is quoted as saying:

‘In a recent study, we found taking capsules containing these [strains] effectively cleared UTIs and thrush, as well as restoring the normal healthy balance of Lactobacilli in the vagina.’

Research suggests that these strains are more appropriate than others for women’s intimate areas. ‘For women’ contains both these strains in abundance.

Professor Reid goes on to explain that antibiotics and antifungals do not have the same effect alone, despite often being used to treat these conditions. In fact, he believes it is ‘essential’ to take probiotics alongside antibiotics, describing them as "carpet bombers that destroy beneficial bacteria"!

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Woman & Home recommend 'For women'

The article also advises women not to push for antibiotics and has some other great tips for helping to maintain a healthy balance, including improving your immune system by managing stress and avoiding sugar that can lead to candida overgrowth.

We couldn't agreed more - way to go Woman & Home magazine! Pick up your copy in stores now to read the full article. It's excellent.