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We're really chuffed to have been featured in the press again, this time in 'Woman' magazine! Optibac was mentioned in their article entitled "Beauty Confidence", in a section called "Embrace probiotics", a sentiment that we'd definitely agree with! As the interest in live cultures continues to grow, more and more media heavyweights such as 'Woman' magazine are highlighting their potential benefits - this latest article focuses on the link between your gut and having "great hair and skin" as well as "warding off illness". It continues to describe how they work in tandem with one another. In the article, Optibac's very own Nutritional Therapist Laura Ryan DIPCNM advises that poor skin health and acne can be caused as a result of "imbalances in your gut" and suggests that by keeping your gut healthy and increasing "the trillions of bacteria that live there", you can maintain a healthier gut environment.

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Laura suggests that by taking a dose of our friendly bacteria "For every day" each day, you can easily support your gut health, thus, support everything else too. We are firm believers in a happy gut! On a side-note, it's worth mentioning that you can pick up our live cultures at a slightly more reasonable price, 25 times cheaper than £10.50 per capsule which was mistakenly stated in the article! Oops!

Optibac 'For every day'

Nutritionist Laura suggests taking 'For every day' daily to support gut health

For every day has been featured in the Telegraph

On to our second mention of the week - our 'For every day' product has also been featured by the Telegraph! 'For every day' was mentioned as their recommendation for a simple natural option to include as part of your mood-boosting programme, to cope with 'Blue Monday' earlier this week, considered to be the most depressing day of the year, and the general January blues.

The article suggests that:

‘Adding a good probiotic to your daily routine can help balance out gut bacteria’

The write-up describes how attention surrounding friendly bacteria has grown due, in part, to the best selling book Gut by Giulia Enders, which covers everything from gut bacteria and skin health to stress and anxiety. If you want to hear more fun facts from Giulia Enders, I'd highly recommend watching her TED talk about the surprisingly charming science of your gut.

The next time your skin needs a bit of a pick me up, don't forget to consider supporting your gut as well. Want to find out more about live cultures, gut bacteria or skin health?:

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