Carly Rowena loves Optibac Probiotics

Kathy Wheddon Nutritional Therapist DipION

Our products are quite regularly mentioned in glossy magazines these days, and we are always super excited to read any features and accolades kindly bestowed upon us in the media. However, thanks to fabulous fitness blogger and personal trainer Carly Rowena, our products have now also made it onto the screen! We’re film stars, woohoo!! Well, alright, so I might be getting a bit carried away, we don’t actually feature in a Hollywood block-buster yet, but the fabulous Carly does give three of our products glowing reviews, in her recent YouTube video on how to combat bloating.

carly rowena holding pack of 'One week flat'

Blogger and fitness expert Carly Rowena loves our products!

Carly mentions, in the video clip, that she used to suffer with bloating and occasional constipation, and that thanks to three of our products, she has now very much got that under control, and feels all the better for it.

You can watch her video clip here:

The products she talks about are: ‘For every day’, ‘Bifidobacteria & fibre’ and ‘One week flat’. She enthused that in the three years since she has been using the products, she has ‘never felt better’, and that they have been ‘such a life-saver’. We are delighted that they have worked so well for her, and that now, thanks to her recommending them, her clients are also feeling their many benefits. Carly’s video is well timed as you can currently get ‘One week flat’ free when you purchase ‘For every day’ for £11.29 – available this August only.

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Optibac 'For every day'

Optibac 'Bifidobacteria and fibre'

Optibac 'One week flat'

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have over 150 published, human clinical trials on finished products in our product range, but sometimes all the scientific evidence in the world can’t beat the power of personal recommendation. One person’s story of how a product helped to transform their health can be more motivating than anything else, so we are always delighted to hear success stories like Carly's.

Knowing that our products have played their small part in Carly's supreme fitness is fantastic, but if you’d like to see more about how she maintains her amazing physique and stays in tip-top condition, here’s a quick video clip showing what she eats in an average day. Something we could all aspire to, I'm sure you would agree.

Having mentioned our clinical trials earlier, if you are someone that is motivated by scientific data and information, and there are some of you out there we know, you can read all about the research behind our products here: