Our 'For travelling abroad' in Bella

Leona Beeson BSc (Hons) Psychology

That well informed team at Bella magazine has mentioned us in their special feature, 'Do holidays make you ill?'

Medical nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer explains...

'Prevention is better than cure', and recommends a multivitamin, mineral supplement and live cultures two weeks before you go on holiday. ...Or whenever you can! 'Even if you only start on the day you set off, a live culture can help protect you against traveller's diarrhoea.'

Optibac For travelling abroad

Optibac For travelling abroad features next to Dr Brewer's advice, under the headline 'Healthy Travel Companions'. This supplement of live cultures has been shown to survive at higher termperatures, and is especially developed for those travelling abroad.

I know our nutritional team have been advising those setting off to Glastonbury at the moment! The full Optibac range is shelf stable - ie. does not require refrigeration, and I know I had plenty of Saccharomyces boulardii packed when I went last year! Both the S. boulardii and the 'For travelling abroad' are in blister packs, meaning you can cut the strips down to as many capsules as will be needed.

Bella's travel health feature, in issue 27, dated 1st July 2014, breaks down your potential holiday maladies - explaining what factors to consider whether you are prone to migraines, stress, poor immunity or digestive health problems whilst abroad. And it is packed with tips to incorporate into your next travels! For example, Neil Shah, Director of the Stress Management Society, says 'Travelling can be stressful, so when you arrive, take it easy rather than sightseeing straight away. Drink lots of water and have a massage. Don't take your mobile phone or tablet with you. Relax.' Also featured as a healthy travel companion, is Siberian Ginseng Root (thought to help your body adapt to stress, and ward of colds) available at John Bell & Croyden in central London. Well if you're off to John Bell & Croyden, you'll be pleased to hear you can pick up your 'For travelling abroad' there too.

For more information visit the product page for our natural bacteria supplement, 'For travelling abroad'.