'One week flat' in The Sun on Sunday

Jacob Collyer-Smith Lifestyle Writer

If you're recently home from your holidays and you're not feeling tip-top then Fabulous magazine with The Sun on Sunday had an article for you. Titled "Help, I've Been On Holiday!", the article aimed to help those of us who've succumbed to sunburn, jet lag or simply a dose of burning the candle at both ends! The article was filled with some very sensible suggestions such as aloe-vera for sunburn, milk thistle for an exhausted liver, or ginseng to help combat the 'back to work blues'.

article help ive been on holiday

Another section titled 'Food Coma' talked about how us Brits can consume a staggering 5,543 calories a day if on an all-inclusive package - we like to get our money's worth I guess? Obviously, for some of us this can leave us feeling rather bloated by the end of the trip. The article features our very own nutritional therapist, Joanna Scott-Lutyens, who recommends switching your diet up upon your return:

"Dark leafy veg, bitter foods like citrus fruits, and spices such as ginger, pepper, turmeric and cardamom will stimulate digestive juices and help your gut work more smoothly."

Optibac One week flat

The Sun then recommends our very own 'One week flat' as a "bloat-busting probiotic supplement". Brilliant!

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