'Bifidobacteria & fibre' in 'Yours' mag!

Kathy Wheddon Nutritional Therapist DipION

Our ‘Bifidobacteria & fibre’ product is today featured in ‘Yours’ magazine as part of an article by nutritionist Christine Bailey listing the top five supplements to take for general health. Way to go ‘Bifidobacteria & fibre’, we’re extremely proud ‘parents’!

Optibac bifidobacteria & fibre

'Bifidobacteria & fibre' is recommended in 'Yours' magazine for keeping the bowels regular

It’s great that this little superstar of a product is getting the recognition it deserves. The strain of bacteria used in the product, Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 ® is one of the most clinically researched strains of probiotic in relation to constipation. It was recently put through its paces in a research project enlisting over 1,200 study participants with low defecation frequency (but that were otherwise healthy). The study results showed that Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 ® has a clinically relevant effect on bowel regularity.

In Bailey’s article she says that:

‘Keeping your digestion regular won’t just make life more comfortable, it could help your body absorb more nutrients from your food and even improve your immunity.’

She then suggests that readers ‘Look for a supplement with a mixed strain of probiotics with soluble fibre to keep your digestion and bowel movements regular’, with the recommendation that readers try Optibac Probiotics ‘Bifidobacteria & fibre’.

Everyone loves to be loved, and this article has made us all here feel rather warm and fuzzy. So, thank you 'Yours' magazine for the accolade, we hope your readers will share your enthusiasm for the product.

If you want to read more about 'Bifidobacteria & fibre', visit our product page here.