Carly Rowena Uses Optibac For Her Baby!

Penny Archer Lifestyle Writer

It's a very happy Monday here in the Optibac office this morning. One of our favourite women, Carly Rowena, has recommended our 'For babies & children' as her post-pregnancy supplement of choice since having beautiful baby Jax. Woo-hoo!

carly rowena holding newborn baby

Nothing makes us happier then a happy mum with a happy baby - using our supplements!

Her 418,000+ YouTube followers will already be familiar with the fact that Carly is someone who inspires and motivates women across the world with her tips on fitness, wellness, food - and now, the realities of motherhood! Carly was a big fan of our 'Bifidobacteria & fibre' supplement whilst pregnant with Jax, plus she's also a long-time lover of our 'One week flat'. This latest supplement recommendation on Carly's YouTube marks a hat trick of Optibac mentions!

In her YouTube video she shares the supplements that she's been taking since giving birth to baby Jax, giving us insight into her new morning routine since becoming a mum. We've also got our own guide to help create a family morning routine you love, so check that out for more wellness tips with little ones. In the video, Carly explains:

'I always take a probiotic supplement, I think they are super important!'

Optibac 'For babies and children'

Carly Rowena sharing her daily supplements since giving birth

Carly goes on to say that she simply 'pops it with water' in the morning to get some good bacteria for her and Jax - it's as easy as that! Other mums such as Madeline Shaw are also big fans of 'For babies & children', showing how easy it is to include a live cultures supplement into your morning routine... and how it's totally worth it!

We hope that Carly continues to love our 'For babies & children' and enjoys this wonderful family time with Leon and their little one, Jax!

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