'For babies & children' in Daily Mail

Penny Archer Lifestyle Writer

We're super happy to say that along with a feature on BBC South and a Queen’s Award this week, we’ve also been featured in The Daily Mail!

Optibac For babies and children

We're offering 20% extra free on 'For babies & children' this summer!

In the piece, the Daily Mail list some of their top gut picks, giving special mention to our 'For babies & children’! 'For babies & children' is an award-winning and all-natural friendly bacteria supplement especially for babies, toddlers and school-aged kids up to 12 years old. Not only that, it’s also suitable for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers. The supplement has been clinically trialled in school-aged children and is also a natural source of fibre.

Plus, this shout-out has come at a pretty perfect time - we’re currently offering you 20% extra free with every pack of ‘For babies & children’. Now you and your little ones can enjoy your friendly bacteria for longer!

We think the summer is a great time to introduce good bacteria supplements into your child’s daily routine, especially for those soon to enter the back-to-school season. If you're wondering how to get your kids to take a supplement, then try mixing with milk, cereal, water, yoghurt… whatever suits your family best. Why not give 'For babies & children' a go this summer?

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