Do Optibac use ethical packaging?

Yes! We have recently refreshed our packaging and switched to eco-conscious glass jars for all of our capsule supplements, as well as using recyclable outer cartons and even compostable pouches.

At Optibac we try to adhere to ethical standards as best as we can. We strive to strike a delicate balance between offering the best for your customers' health, and providing the ideal options for the environment.

Best for quality products

We have carefully considered the packaging solution for each product, thinking about its intended use and the ingredients it contains. The CSP vials that we use for most of our encapsulated products are specifically made for pharmaceutical and healthcare use; they pass all of our quality standards which includes having a very low Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR), and they provide the most stable storage solution for live cultures. All of our pots have safety seals and our blister packs secure, ensuring no contamination of the products with foreign substances.

The reason that Optibac powdered products, Bifido & FibreOne Week Flat and For babies & children are in separate sachets for each day's use is because bacteria is very delicate by nature. Whilst the CSP vials which house most of our range are great for encapsulated products, as they contain a special lining which absorbs moisture and protects the contents during daily use, we strongly believe that putting loose powders in a pot or jar which is then opened daily may diminish the viability of the bacteria, as it can be weakened or contaminated by water vapours & pollutants in the air. So for our powdered products, individual sachets are currently the best option to keep the products fresh.

Our Baby Drops supplement comes in a glass bottle, which is the best way to keep liquid live cultures safe and fresh.

Best for the environment

All of the cartons, sachets and insert flyers that we use are recyclable. The glass bottle used for our liquid drops supplement Baby Drops is also fully recyclable. In terms of quantity of packaging, we make efforts to minimise the size & quantity, and to avoid unnecessary layers; demonstrating our continuing support for eco-friendly practices. Our products are dispatched in fully recyclable postage bags and boxes which contain plastic-free protective padding.

We are constantly reviewing our product range and packaging options to ensure that we meet our quality standards, whilst still offering the most environmentally friendly options and ease of use for consumers. Therefore our packaging is constantly evolving as we find new ways to keep our products in tip top condition until the date of expiry in the most ethical way possible.

Our ethical standards at Optibac are not limited to the packaging of the products. To find our more, see Our Values.