Do Optibac use maltodextrin in their supplements?

Yes, we use a very small amount of natural maltodextrin as a stabilising excipient in four of our products: One Week Flat, Babies & ChildrenImmune Support and For Women. In One Week Flat it is also necessary to help the live culture & Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) powder dissolve in water.

Maltodextrin does not interfere with, nor harm the live cultures. Whilst it generally falls under the category of a carbohydrate, maltodextrin is easier to digest than most carbohydrates, and ours is always derived from a natural source. In terms of the source of the maltodextrin: in our One Week Flat, Babies & Children, Immune Support and For Women products, the maltodextrin is derived from corn and gluten free.

GMO-free field

We only use additives when absolutely necessary, and none of our live culture capsules or sachets contain any flavours, glucose or artificial sweeteners. If fillers are necessary, they are always from a natural source. None of our other products contain maltodextrin - we always state all of the ingredients in each of our products.

Read the full ingredients list for the entire probiotic range here. To find out more about our company's ethos, read Our Values or Why Optibac?