Woman Mag Features Us in Diet Special

Leona Beeson BSc (Hons) Psychology

We're very excited to be in the May issue of Woman magazine's special series, in the Diet Special dated 3rd April to 8th May.

In a piece called 'Get a flat tum, fast!' the magazine features our One week flat supplement, under the headline 'Pop a Probiotic'. The Woman magazine team says

'prevent the internal gas that causes stomach swelling by taking a supplement packed with gut-friendly bacteria, such as Optibac Probiotics 'For a flat stomach', £8.69.'

We think they've done a great little write up! The tip comes with 14 other cracking natural remedies, including tips to snack on seeds (such as linseeds, which contain fibre and monounsaturated fats which can help to reduce bloating and body fat), drinking ginger tea (which can help to soothe the digestive tract - the magazine recommends Pukka's Three Ginger tea, which we also love!) the diet special also talks about vinegar and how it can help to slow the absorption of starchy foods, meaning bloating is less likely. Our nutrition team concur, and add that apple cider vinegar is excellent for health, in particular for those with conditions such as Candida.

Optibac One week flat

Our 'For a flat stomach' (pictured above) is very popular with both men and women, as a short term natural supplement of live cultures which may be suitable for those with abdominal bloating. We find it's one that people really feel passionate about - with lots of product reviews on the website, and people tweeting about it every week! Find out more about 'One week flat' on the product page.