Telegraph recommends 'For every day'!

Elisha Iveson Lifestyle Writer

Taking good care of your mental health is particularly important at this time of year. And at Optibac we understand the importance of a healthy gut to your well-being, both physical and mental. So it was lovely to see The Telegraph listing 'For every day' as a simple way to look after yourself, citing Giulia Enders book 'Gut' which itself includes lots of research linking anxiety, depression and stress to gut bacteria.

Optibac For every day

'For every day' opens The Telegraph's list of ways to boost mood

The article 'A few simple ways to boost your mood' made some other great suggestions for lifting our spirits that we can definitely get behind - a combination of running and meditation has proven hugely effective personally for combating anxiety. The article also recommends Siberian Ginseng for regulating stress - certainly a less taxing option for those short on time!