'For women' Wins Natural Health Award

Kerry Beeson BSc (Nut. Med.) Nutritional Therapist

Oh dear, we do try to be modest, but it’s difficult when our products keep winning awards!

Our latest product, ‘For women’ is an winner in the Janey Loves 2015 Platinum Awards - Best of the Best in Natural and Organic Products!

Janey Lee Grace is an English author, television presenter and expert in alternative natural health products. Her passion for the subject has moved her to create the website, www.imperfectlynatural.com, and to write several related books, including Imperfectly Natural WomanImperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler and Imperfectly Natural Home: The Organic Bible.

Optibac For women award

We've won again!

A difficult decision for the judges

Thanks to her thorough and honest appraisals, Janey’s endorsement has become a sought-after accreditation in the natural products arena. This latest list of prize-winners lucky enough to receive the Janey seal of approval was compiled with the aid of votes from her readers.

“It was hard work and some very difficult choices – there were some products that we just could not agree on, so sometimes I had to make the final decision! Mostly though, we were all in agreement, many decisions were unanimous.” Janey Lee Grace

We are delighted to have won an award against such stiff competition – there are some fabulous live cultures out there in the marketplace, so to be given the title of ‘Best Live Culture Supplement’ is high praise indeed. Consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and aware, and consequently expect the natural products that they choose to deliver measurable results.

“What’s super encouraging is that the standard is so high; it’s well documented now that consumers want organic and natural products but, in more recent months, even those who aren’t necessarily ‘ecologically’ minded." Janey Lee Grace.

So why has our product received such acclaim?

‘For women’ contains two of the most highly researched strains of friendly bacteria in the world, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14®, which are proven to survive transit through the digestive tract to reach the intimate area.

The ‘For women’ finished product is the culmination of more than 30 years worth of scientific research, and has been clinically trialled by over 2,500 women around the world. The supplement is safe and appropriate for women in the menopause, as well as for pregnant & breastfeeding mothers.

Optibac also donates 20-30p to the international women’s rights charity, Womankind Worldwide, from every pack sold.

For Womankind charity from Optibac

Our charitable donation programme ensures that 'For women' benefits women all over the world

It was also nominated as a Finalist in the 'Natural and Organic Awards 2015'.

“It’s so rewarding to see that our latest product is receiving the kudos that we feel it deserves. Above all else, raising awareness of vaginal infections could potentially help thousands of women, and that can only be a good thing”. Soraya Janmohamed – Optibac 

Other worthy winners

We were glad to see that some of our personal favourite healthcare products also received an award – ‘Incognito’ spray won the ‘Best Insect Repellent’ category; ‘Better You’ won the ‘Best Supplement for Men’ for their ‘Menergy’ product; ‘Yes!’ won the ‘Best Intimate Product’ category for their natural lubricant, and ‘Cherry Active’ won ‘Best Health Drink’ for their ‘Blueberry active Concentrate’.

Well done guys!

It’s great to see natural health care products receiving such recognition, and thanks to Janey for promoting this worthy cause.

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