We're in the Evening Standard Mag!

Samuel Ter Haar Lifestyle Writer

It's Friday and we've got two reasons to be smiling from ear to ear! Not only is it almost the weekend but we're chuffed to announce that our super product 'For daily immunity' has been featured as a summer supplement of choice 'for the body and brain' in the Evening Standard Magazine! FRIYAY!

es magazine front cover

This is such an epic edition of ES food, covering everything from Borough Market, to Kesington being the new culinary hot spot. The section 'how should we be eating now' is especially interesting and well worth a read. It's so difficult at any given time to know what we should eat with all sorts of conflicting information coming from every direction. This article examines the impact of our food consumption on the environment, animals, businesses and everything in between. 

article Beauty by Rose Beer

This image is the amalgamation of two things we love: live cultures and ice cream, although it's probably best not to take them together. Trust me, brain freeze and friendly bacteria are not a good mix.

'For daily immunity' is one of our favourite supplements so we're thrilled it's getting the well-earned attention it deserves. ES mag suggests taking it 'for a strong immune system' - something we'd definitely advocate! Our new and improved 'For daily immunity' contains the extensively researched Lactobacillus paracasei CASEI 431® strain, as well as vitamin C which helps support your immune system.

Each capsule contains 5 billion live microorganisms of this special strain, and is proven to reach the gut alive. With added vitamin C it's ideal for folk who regularly suffer from cold, cough or flu-like symptoms or anyone that feels they need a little bit of a pick me up.

So the next time you're feeling a little under the weather, why not give this a go?