Balance Loves Optibac EXTRA Strength

Joanna Scott-Lutyens BA (Hons) DipION

We love Balance magazine, so it was a real treat to find out that they love us too! Our premium live culture, ‘For every day EXTRA Strength’, has been featured as part of a super well-informed article, all about the merits and pitfalls of detoxing.

balance magazine front cover

Balance magazine loves 'For every day EXTRA Strength'

We couldn’t agree more with the article’s emphasis on balance – it’s honest about the potential negative repercussions of bingeing and fasting. Instead, it advocates ‘smart thinking’ when it comes to cutting out foods, with an emphasis on gut health.

Nutritional therapist, Eve Kalinik, explains...

‘your gut plays a massive role in how you detoxify and how you manage inflammation’

she recommends taking in a form of fermented foods, rich in live cultures, on a daily basis stating...

‘live cultures will feed the gut’s friendly bacteria’

With 20 billion live, high quality microorganisms per capsule ‘For every day EXTRA Strength’ certainly delivers all the friendly bacteria the gut needs, containing L. acidophilus NCFM, thought to be the most researched strain of acidophilus in the world.

Optibac 'For every day EXTRA strength'

'For every day EXTRA Strength' 90s are on offer throughout January

Even better, throughout January we are offering £10 off ‘For every day EXTRA Strength’ (90 capsules). To take advantage of this, head over to our website, or via your local stockist – might be worth calling in advance to check availability – stock is selling fast!