Take a look at our first TV ad!

Soraya Janmohamed Co-founder & Marketing Director

We’re so pleased to announce our new advertising campaign – and our first foray into television!

Most of you reading this will already be familiar with the power of friendly bacteria. But we know from our research that still today, just a small percentage of the population are taking friendly bacteria supplements regularly.

This is why we are so excited to have just gone live with our first TV campaign, to help spread the word further afield.

Key messages

There is so much we would like to tell the world about friendly bacteria and what makes Optibac so special. We’ve tried to fit as much as we can into 30 seconds. The ad will cover a few key messages:

  • Our supplements are proven to complement the natural gut bacteria
  • Optibac has a range for everyone – all ages and life stages
  • We are proud to be the UK’s most recommended friendly bacteria supplements

Where to purchase

You can buy our entire range here on the online shop.

If you prefer to buy in store you can find Optibac in a number of independent health food shops and pharmacies. We love the independents because they are passionate about wellbeing and tend to have specially trained teams who can help out with any questions. Plus, you save on delivery costs! Use our Stockist Locator.

We’ve also been working hard to increase our distribution over the last few years, as part of our plans to bring the wonders of friendly bacteria to more people! So depending on which product you need, you can now find Optibac at Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, more of the range at Waitrose and Superdrug than before, and the full range continues to be available at Ocado or Amazon too. 

Not sure where to start?

If you need some support choosing the right product for yourself or a loved one check out our page which offers tips, advice and a helpful video: How To Choose The Best Friendly Bacteria Supplement

And for a super speedy run down:

  • A high quality, affordable option is Every Day, which contains a variety of well-researched friendly bacteria alongside FOS fibres.
  • If you’d prefer a gummy, Gut Health Gummies contains 5 billion live cultures alongside FOS fibres, vitamin D, zinc and calcium.
  • For women’s intimate flora, choose For Women which contains the world’s most researched strains for the vaginal & urinary tracts
  • For children aged 3-12, we recommend our delicious strawberry Kids Gummies which contain live cultures and FOS fibres alongside vitamin D and calcium.
  • If you’re looking for your baby, our Baby Drops are incredibly well researched, easy to take and with no nasty additives.

If you still need advice, our expert Nutrition Team is always on hand to answer any queries or questions you may have. People are blown away by their service and advice! Contact our Nutrition Team

Last but not least, don’t worry if you’ve not seen the ad, you can check out our first ever TV advert here. The team have worked incredibly hard on this – I really hope you love it!

Please note: 20% discount expired 31st October 2022.


As always, wishing you and your family the best of health,
Soraya – Co-founder