How to give kids their Optibac supplements

It's easy to give kids their Optibac supplements when you know how.

Watch our videos and read the best tips from the parents in our team to make this healthy habit a seamless part of your family's routine. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Baby Drops

Babies come with their own unique set of challenges, namely erratic sleep patterns and being unable to communicate exactly what they need. But one positive for sleep deprived parents is that it is usually relatively straightforward to give them their daily friendly bacteria supplement.

Optibac Baby Drops, specially formulated for newborns and infants from birth, can be given in several different ways:

  • Placed on a clean finger or directly on the nipple for the baby to suck
  • Added to a bottle of formula or breast milk
  • Let the baby take the drops off a clean spoon
  • Use the dropper directly into their mouth

Babies & Children

As newborns grow into toddlers and young children, the part cute part willful stage sometimes requires a little more patience and cunning. Watch our video on how to use Babies & Children sachets.


If your child doesn't like milk, cereal or yoghurts then you'll need alternatives.

  • Dr Kate, our resident microbiologist, sometimes mixes Babies & Children into cool water and uses a Calpol syringe to 'administer' the friendly bacteria that way. Genius!
  • Mix a sachet into your child's current favourite food (anything cool and non-acidic is ok) - mashed avocado or banana, and pureed fruit and veg are popular options amongst young children

Kids Gummies

Children over the age of 3 can take our Kids Gummies supplement. These friendly bacteria gummies require zero prep - simply take one out of the compostable carton and pop it into your child's mouth. For the children who prefer to exert their independence here are a few ideas from our team:

  • Encourage your child to select the 'right' gummy themselves - yes, they will likely choose the same gummy as you would have but go with this, it saves a morning battle!
  • Get your child to open a new pack of Kids Gummies and store them in a special resealable pot of their own choosing

Much like drinking your morning coffee from a favourite cup that brings you joy, letting your child use a favourite storage pot or pick out their own gummy is a great way to make their daily routine a little more fun and engaging. Just remember to keep their Kids Gummies out of reach as they are so delicious they may want more than the recommended one a day!