Friendly bacteria for teenagers: which Optibac is best?

As your child gets older you may be wondering whether you need to change their friendly bacteria supplements. This FAQ will help you choose the best live cultures for your teenager.

Do teenagers have different friendly bacteria needs to younger children?

While it is common knowledge that teenagers have different nutritional and energy needs compared to younger children, due to their rapid growth and development during adolescence, you might be wondering whether they also need a higher billions count in their live cultures supplement as they near adulthood. It would be nice to give a simple answer, but the reality is that although sometimes a higher billions count can be most suitable, it is always best to choose a supplement containing highly researched strains for your teenagers individual needs. 

Live cultures are natural supplements, and our range provides up to 75 billion live cultures per daily dose, which is perfectly safe and suitable for teenagers and adults alike. The most important consideration is finding the right strains of live cultures for your child, in a high quality supplement from a reputable brand.

Which Optibac supplements are suitable for teenagers?

From the age of 12 onwards you can give your child Gut Health Gummies. If they have previously enjoyed our Kids Gummies then they will love the same delicious, fruity flavour and extensively researched Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2 strain1,2. Gut Health Gummies also contains FOS fibres to increase levels of natural gut bacteria plus added Vitamin D, Zinc and Calcium to support immune and gut health in one daily supplement. The amounts of these added nutrients are well within the daily safe upper limits for children and adults.

Can teenagers take live cultures every day?

Yes, absolutely. Exactly the same as for adults, we recommend topping up a teenagers friendly bacteria regularly as part of an ongoing, daily health routine. Why not get your teenager set up with good habits for life by encouraging them to take a daily supplement alongside regular exercise, screen breaks, and downtime with their friends. They are probably well past the age of sticker reward charts so why not investigate online habit tracker apps together? It is always helpful to set a good example by investing in your own health and wellbeing - teenagers are still influenced by their parents behaviours even if their fight for independence seems otherwise!

If you would like some personalised guidance on which friendly bacteria supplement is best for your teenager, then please contact our team of qualified Nutritional Therapists for free advice.

This FAQ has been answered by Helen Morton, DipION Nutritional Therapist


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