How do I add products to my subscription?

Follow the steps below to add products to your subscription, alternatively click the video link below and follow along.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click 'View subscription' on the relevant subscription (you may have more than one)
  3. Alongside your subscribed products click 'Add more items to your subscription'
  4. You will be greeted by 4 expandable menus, click the relevant one to expand the selection and reveal the products
  5. Once you have found the product you would like to add to your subscription select your packsize, quantity and how often you would like it delivered
  6. Click 'Select'
  7. An option at the bottom of your screen will appear with the option to 'Add products to your subscription' or 'Cancel changes'
  8. If you would like to add more than one product repeat steps 5 & 6
  9. Click 'Add products to your subscription'