What is a 'Time of manufacture guarantee'?

The strength of a live culture is measured by the number of billions per gram, capsule or sachet (also known as CFUs; Colony Forming Units). The delicate nature of bacteria dictates that their quantity, in any given product or brand, will inevitably drop during the course of a shelf life.

Your customers may have noticed that many live culture products have what is known as a 'time of manufacture guarantee'. At first this may sound appealing, yet this simply guarantees the numbers of friendly bacteria at the time of manufacture. It does not guarantee the numbers of friendly bacteria at the time of purchase. This can be quite misleading to the consumer, who cannot tell how strong the live cultures may be.

OptiBac are guaranteed until shelf life expiry. Our products understate the quantity of microorganisms it contains to allow for the inevitable drop in numbers. With OptiBac, you get billions you can count on. For more information, healthcare professionals can find out more about our live culture strains.