Charlotte Pysanczyn

Image of Charlotte Psyanczyn

Charlotte Pysanczyn

DipCNM Nutritional Therapist

Charlotte joined the Optibac Nutrition Team in 2023 as a Nutritional Advisor and an Optibac friendly bacteria expert.

With a chef background, Charlotte has always had a passion for good food and natural health, which ultimately led her to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist at CNM Bristol. Charlotte truly believes that good health starts in the gut and has gone on to undertake further training in digestive health.

In her private practice, Charlotte specialises in using comprehensive gut-testing to create highly individualised Nutrition programmes for clients with chronic issues like IBS, eczema and endometriosis.

In her spare time, Charlotte loves to be active in the great outdoors with her husband and their dog. Her favourite place to be is in the Canadian mountains hiking with her snowboard!