Natural Health likes 'One week flat'

Samuel Ter Haar Lifestyle Writer

The sun is well and truly shining and we're all smiles at Optibac HQ! There's lots to be happy about as one of our ace products has been creating some more buzz in the press! This month, our ever-popular 'One week flat', has been featured in Natural Health magazine in an article titled 'Get to know your Gut'. It covers everything you need to know guessed it...your gut!

Natural Health magazine cover

Written by nutritional therapist and all-round rockstar Angelique Panagos, the article explores the inner workings of the gut. We're big fans of Angelique and her combined passion for health and food is infectious.

Angelique shares insights such as how over 70% of our immune system is based in our gut, explaining that 'it works hard to protect our bodies from illness and infection'. She also emphasises the importance of our microbiome, and how it helps us avoid tummy troubles, and just generally thriving from the inside out. This article has all the right advice to help you keep your gut fighting fit! We're thrilled that our very own 'One week flat' has been featured.

Optibac One week flat

'One week flat' is a 7-day course of probiotics. It contains an expert selection of friendly bacteria, including L. acidophilus Rosell-52 and L. casei Rosell-215. What's more, 'One week flat' is also gluten free! Simply take one sachet every morning with breakfast.

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