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Samuel Ter Haar Lifestyle Writer

There doesn't seem to be any down time for us here at Optibac HQ! This week, we're super excited to announce that we've been featured in Women's Health magazine in the article 'Written all over your face', by Amy Synnott D'Annibale. The article focuses on the relevance of skin health, specifically sensitive skin - something we can all relate to in one way or another. Amy covers a range of invaluable fixes and practical tips to help you keep your skin glowing and feeling and looking healthy.
With great suggestions from avoiding over-exfoliating, to looking at using more natural skincare options which are free from unnecessary chemicals, this article is a valuable source for helpful tips you can implement into your everyday life and routine.

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Amy talks about the essential role our gut microbiome plays in keeping our skin and body feeling good and maintaining that healthy glow we all want. We're thrilled that she recommends Optibac 'For every day EXTRA Strength' and here's why:

"Bacteria in your body plays an integral role in the health of your gut and, in turn, your whole body, including your skin."

The article discusses the negative side effects antibiotics can have on your skin health and how antibiotics are 'killing off your good microbe populations'. Interestingly, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says that 22% of antibiotics prescribed in the UK are unnecessary, and have a negative effect on your skin which can contribute to conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

This is where our mighty microbes come in. To combat the negative effect, Dr Matthew Zirwas, a dermatologist and skin care expert in eczema and dermatitis suggests taking a probiotic supplement. His rule is "the more strains the better" and he recommends this to most of his patients.

'For every day EXTRA Strength' contains 5 strains of friendly bacteria with a powerful dose of 20 billion probiotics per capsule and has been clinically trialled even alongside antibiotics. It contains some of the most researched probiotic strains in the world.

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Furthermore, Amy Synnott D'annibale advises that by making small changes to your diet, such as eating more fibre and including more fermented foods in your meals, this can help to improve both your gut - and in turn - your skin health. Obviously this also goes hand in hand with having a varied healthy diet and eating less processed fast food. 

The next time you're thinking about which exfoliator or moisturiser to use, perhaps think about trialling a probiotic supplement alongside your regular beauty products.

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