Probiotics for Kids

Optibac has a range of high-quality probiotic supplements developed for babies, toddlers, and children, all extensively researched to complement the natural gut flora. Whether your child prefers liquid drops, powder, or gummies, we have something to suit all little tummies!

  • Baby Drops - an easy-to-use liquid probiotic that is safe alongside medication for colic and reflux  
  • Babies & Children - a powder probiotic perfect for gut and immune health in children
  • Kids Gummies - with added Vitamin D and Calcium, great for all-round gut and immune support

Babies and children probiotic range

Baby Drops is a flavorless liquid with easy-to-use dropper, safe to be taken from birth onwards (or by older children who find other formats difficult to take).

Babies & Children is a pleasant-tasting powder which is easy to mix in cool milk or water, suitable from birth or for older children who may like to take their probiotics in a ‘fairy dust’ powder format!

Kids Gummies is a delicious chewable fruit gummy suitable for older children – it contains probiotics along with Vitamin D and Calcium for all-round gut and immune support.

Not sure which supplement is best for your children?

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