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Penny Archer Lifestyle Writer

The weather may not be very spring-like at the moment, but we definitely have a spring in our step thanks to the Mail Online! We’ve recently been featured in a Daily Mail online article discussing ‘The 29 supplements leading nutritionists rely on throughout the year’.

This article includes interviews with a whole host of expert nutritionists and nutritional therapists. They discuss the benefits of supplements, including their top tips for good digestion and what makes up their own daily routine. This all star line up of nutritionists also look at different types of protein shakes, how to choose a quality supplement, and how to find a supplement that works best for you.

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Leading nutritionists share what works for them - with probiotics being a top choice, & Optibac as a favourite brand

One of the nutritional experts, Melissa Pierson, has shared one of her pearls of wisdom. When asked ‘what supplements do you take and why?’ She replied:

‘I use Optibac Probiotics, they are widely available, a good price and have a large enough number of cultures. I make sure I take a good probiotic to support gut health and feed the good bacteria in our guts. This helps with a whole host of things as well as improving our digestion and gut motility.'

She then goes on to say:

‘It can strengthen our gut, which holds 70 per cent of our immune system, and ensure optimum absorption of all the micro-nutrients we need through the food we consume.’

And she couldn't be more correct! Here at Optibac we specialise entirely in probiotics, so we're thrilled to be mentioned - a big thank you to Melissa for recommending us!

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It's lovely to be recognised by nutritional experts who hail us as their very own supplement of choice! Find out more about us.

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