Carly Rowena's a fan of 'One week flat'

Elisha Iveson Lifestyle Writer


carly rowena in gym attire

Long-standing Optibac lover Carly Rowena recently recommended 'One week flat' on her Instagram

Three years on, the love is still strong!

'One week flat' has long been a favourite in the blogger world. Perhaps the most lasting liaison to date though is with Carly Rowena; body-positive voice for women, fitness mogul and all-round golden girl to hundreds of thousands globally in the online world. Plus she's a mum to baby Jax now too! Talk about a superwoman...

Lovely Carly has been a fan of our good bacteria for some time now: 'Bifidobacteria & fibre' was her go-to whilst pregnant, 'For babies & children' is her top pick for Jax and also 'For every day' as a daily supplement too. However three years later'One week flat' is the ultimate Optibac supplement that Carly always comes back to, time after time.

carly rowena holding 'One week flat'

Three years on, a new baby and a booming career, Carly still loves her good bacteria!

What is 'One week flat'?

So, what makes 'One week flat' special? As Carly recently mentioned on her Instagram, it's a good bacteria supplement to help support those with occasional bloating. She also says:

"I recommend it before getting married or before going on holiday. "I've used it for years and can't recommend it enough!"

Pack shot 'one week flat' with fruit bowl


Meet 'One week flat': The ideal friendly bacteria fix before any big event!

Could it work for me?

Incorporating 'One week flat' into your daily routine couldn't be simpler. The supplements come in easy sachets so all you need to do is mix them with water each morning for your week's fix of friendly bacteria.