You Magazine Loves 'For daily immunity'

Penny Archer Lifestyle Writer

We all need a little boost now and again, don't we? As the cold weather is drawing in, it's time to pack away our flip flops and get out those warm woolly scarfs. But before we get out the fluffy socks, let's make sure we're looking after our insides too. The article suggests that 'For daily immunity' will help fight those winter blues and help maintain a healthy immune system. The wonderful 'You magazine' from the 'Mail on Sunday' has been raving about our For daily immunity, in a recent article!

you magazine front cover

'You Magazine' featured 'For daily immunity' as one of their top immune-system boosters!

In their latest magazine, pharmacist Shabir Daya has recommended Optibac 'For daily immunity' as one of top three supplements 'to ward off colds and flu'. He mentions that the daily dose can be taken by children from the ages of four and up, as well as adults. That means you can look after the whole family this coming season. At this time of year especially, it's vital to look after your immune system and to make sure you're in good health. Our lovely little capsules contain over 2.5 billion probiotics, along with Vitamin C. This natural supplement helps to maintain the normal function of your immune system by using vitamin C as well as probiotics including Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum.

Optibac For daily immunity

'For daily immunity' will help maintain a healthy immune system during tough times against cold and flu.

We at Optibac always love a shout out. As probiotics are increasingly in the limelight these days, it's wonderful to be able to see everyone enjoying our products. 'You magazine' had an extensive look at our range and asked a question that customers frequently ask us: during the approaching winter months and the dangers that cold and flu season brings - can supplements reduce the risk? So next time you grab your woolly scarf, or start to feel a little under the weather, don't forget to consider 'For daily immunity'.