Woman's Own recommends 'One week flat'

Jacob Collyer-Smith Lifestyle Writer

Everyone likes to come first, so we were thrilled ‘One week flat’ topped the list of ‘3 of the best…belly de-bloaters’ in Woman’s Own magazine! With so many people trying to lose weight at this time of year the Diet Special’s focus on slimming down must have found a very receptive audience.

womans own magazine cover

'One week flat' topped the list in Woman's Own Diet Special!

The magazine also offered encouragement to those of us struggling with a Dry January. According to the article, of those participating last year, 49% lost weight, 62% had more energy and 79% saved money. Welcome motivation, especially with less than a week to go!

one week flat

'One week flat' is a great choice if you are suffering from bloating

Reducing or avoiding alcohol also benefits our digestive health – you might have noticed feeling bloated after a big night out. Whatever the cause, no one likes the feeling. Containing 5 billion probiotics and FOS fibres, One week flat is an intensive 7-day course high-quality, natural supplement which comes in powdered sachets. It's also gluten free so may be suitable for those with bloating.