Make a Family Morning Routine You Love

Elisha Iveson Lifestyle Writer

Snoozed alarms, groggy kids and rushing around is a mental picture most parents can relate to. But what if you could create a routine that you and your family enjoyed? Just a few good habits can set you up for a great day, so instead of dreading it, love your morning routine with these simple tips:

Mum and daughter eating breakfast
Great days start with good habits

Wake up earlier (than everyone else)

Good mornings start with you. Stop setting aside time for yourself in the evening - you’ll be too tired from the day’s events to fully enjoy it. Schedule some ‘me time’ each morning instead. This way, it’ll lift your mood for a more successful day too! Meditate, exercise or get cosy with a motivational book for a few minutes - the choice is yours. Just as long as you’re giving yourself the space, time and self-care to start your day on a positive note.

Consult your morning checklist

Having a list to help the family nail morning tasks will make life a lot easier and save precious thinking time. Whether it’s saved on your phone or stuck on the fridge, give your morning some structure. It’ll help eliminate potential stress points so you can focus on the big, busy day ahead.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got our ‘Daily Routine List’ to help:

Optibac daily routine checklist poster
Perfect for you and your little ones to refer to, Monday-Friday!

Make time for breakfast

We all know it’s the most important meal of the day, yet we still struggle to make breakfast a priority. Avoid rushing or skipping your first meal of the day to make the school run on-time by setting an official ‘breakfast time’ for everyone. Ensure the kids stick to it with the help of a morning star chart and ultimately enjoy your smoothie, fruit or cereal all together. Better still, top your breakfast choice with a daily dose of Optibac friendly bacteria!

FYI: We have good bacteria for the whole family with supplements like ‘For every day’ and ‘For babies & children’. Sprinkle them over your breakfast, swallow a capsule or swirl a sachet in some water each morning so our friendly bacteria reaches your gut alive and at optimum quality every morning.

… And repeat!

Lastly, enjoy the perks of your perfect morning and look forward to doing it all again tomorrow (with a good night’s sleep in between). Still not sure if hero mornings are for you? Here are some quickfire reasons why your routine is worth the extra effort:

• Increases productivity

• Improves your mindset

• Helps you think clearly

• Enforces good habits

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