Woman Magazine Recommends Optibac

Jacob Collyer-Smith Lifestyle Writer

Optibac is happy to see that Woman magazine has recommended our For every day probiotic as one of its top tips to help dieters, in its latest issue (6th May). The article we're featured in gives some great advice on how to achieve a wheat-free diet and the benefits it can bring in terms of weight loss.

The article goes on to explain why wheat is highlighted by some health experts as a "diet baddie" and how they believe dropping it from your diet can promote, "clearer skin, more energy, fewer moods, a flat tum, less mental fog and a leaner body."

Dieting magazine

Helpfully, the article also runs through which food groups to avoid, what to limit in your diet, what foods you can substitute for wheat staples, and also rather tasty sounding meal examples, recommended by nutritionist Rick Hay.

Of course, Woman magazine also give the very sound advice of recommending a probiotic (see Probiotics Learning Lab) supplement! Here's what they say about For daily wellbeing:

"Take a probiotic. Adding them at the start [of your diet] is a bang-up idea to get your system in order, especially if you've eaten lots of processed foods and takeaways before! Try Optibac For daily wellbeing."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves! Read more about our wellbeing probiotic today.