Optibac in Top Sante for Allergies

Elisha Iveson Lifestyle Writer

The June issue of Top Sante magazine, out now, features our probiotics in the 'Ask the Experts' section - and we're very excited about it too! Natural health expert and nutritional therapist Alison Cullen answers a reader's question about allergic reactions, explaining that there are many reasons an allergic reaction could have happened. But Alison really hits the nail on the head by heading straight for the gut. She asks, 'Has your daughter recently had a stomach bug? Or been on antibiotics?' pointing out that the digestive system, and its friendly bacteria (or probiotics), when compromised, can make one more sensitive to certain foods.

Top sante cover page

Alison goes on to recommend a high quality probiotic, saying 'The brand Optibac is especially good, with its high-quality strains of natural bacteria to promote regrowth.' And she is also in favour of those supplements that combine probiotics with a prebiotic. Alison also recommends bitter herbs such as centaurium to help trigger the body's production of digestive enzymes - crucial in helping us to break down foods. Speaking of herbs, when not writing for the magazines, Alison works with the fantastic A. Vogel - experts in plant extracts and herbal products. You may be familiar with their echinacea for example..

Do you suffer from allergies? And have you tried probiotics? Let us know by commenting below.