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So, it’s true then! Sometimes good things really do come along in three’s!! In addition to our products getting excellent write-ups in both Bella magazine and The Daily Mail this month, our ‘For travelling abroad’ product has now been given a recommendation in The Telegraph too!

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Optibac are in the press again!

Expert Nutritionist Ian Marber writes a regular on-line feature for The Telegraph, entitled ‘What to Eat now’. His latest feature looks at supplements for healthy travel, and ‘For travelling abroad’ is mentioned as an ideal probiotic to take on holiday with you, as it does not require refrigeration. It’s always a good idea to look after your gut flora when you're travelling as exposure to different microbes than we are used to, can cause an upset stomach whilst travelling, as can the ingestion of pathogenic bacteria from poorly prepared food or unsanitary water.

This is not the first time that Ian Marber has mentioned Optibac products either, he wrote about our ‘For every day EXTRA Strength’ in his Christmas feature, looking at ways to avoid indigestion over the festive period. A big ‘thank you’ goes to Ian for his positive recommendations, we are always very glad when our products get great reviews.

Optibac For every day extra strength

Alongside expert nutritionists like Ian Marber, ‘For travelling abroad’ also gets lots of wonderful feedback from grateful customers. Many people contact us to say that thanks to this supplement, they have managed to enjoy a wonderful holiday, without any episodes of ‘travellers tum’! People like Martine and Clare from Blackpool, who wrote:

‘Hi – Just wanted to add our experience of taking Optibac for Travelling. We love our holidays and particularly like Egypt. Unfortunately, each time we went we had ‘funny tummies’ which meant we couldn't leave the hotel room for days! Then we discovered Optibac! Thank you so much Optibac!’

It's safe to say they loved it!

Optibac For travelling abroad

It’s always great to receive such rave reviews, and to hear how we may have played a small part in making all of your holidays fabulous! Keep those reviews coming in!

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Don't forget to pack your probiotics when you travel!

Have a happy and healthy summer everyone!