Daily Express & Metro feature Optibac

Kerry Beeson BSc (Nut. Med.) Nutritional Therapist

We’ve been featured in both the Metro and Daily Express!

The Metro recommended Optibac in an article titled ‘10 lifesaving tips for coping with Irritable Bowel Syndrome’. The article had a list of useful tips that could help with managing IBS, and mentioned that a lot of people report improvements with their symptoms whilst taking probiotics.


Daily Express and the Metro featured Optibac Probiotics

The second article in the Daily Express by Lauren Clark focused on the best supplements to take alongside antibiotics to avoid diarrhoea and thrush.

This article highlighted the point that although antibiotics aren’t always necessary, they could be lifesaving for some suffering with serious health conditions like meningitis and pneumonia. At the same time, let’s not forget that our delicate friendly bacteria may also be destroyed by the action of the antibiotics.

The undesirable side effects that come with some antibiotic medication can make it difficult for some individuals to complete their antibiotic course.

woman in pain with antibiotic side effects

1 in 5 people do not complete their antibiotic course due to side effects

The article stated that “1 in 5 people do not complete their antibiotic course due to side effects”. While this might not seem like a big deal, it could be quite detrimental, especially with the rising issue of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Not completing an antibiotic course could lead to antibiotic resistance as this increases the risk of bacteria becoming immune to the antibiotics. The article goes on to mention;

“Research has shown that taking live cultures whilst on antibiotics can help reduce these unpleasant side-effects, and mean finishing a course (of antibiotics) is more achievable”.

I know a lot of people believe the myth that probiotics can’t be taken during a course of antibiotics but this isn’t the case.

Finally, I must not forget to mention that one of our own Optibac surveys was referenced in the write-up too! Definitely check both articles out and see if you can spot us in there.

So, if you’re dreading that antibiotic course you’ve just been prescribed and you’re seriously worried about your overall gut health, then consider if it’s worth trying probiotics this time, as the article recommends.

Have a look at the following links for further reading about probiotics, IBS and antibiotics;


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