'For travelling abroad' in Hello! Mag

Jacob Collyer-Smith Lifestyle Writer

We're really pleased to have been featured in the latest addition of Hello! magazine. The article focuses on the importance of gut health whilst abroad and looks at how probiotics could be the key in supporting digestion and immunity on your holidays. Travellers' diarrhoea is the most common health complaint British holiday-makers experience whilst abroad, as Hello! rightly points out.

Whether this is due to travel exacerbating an existing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) condition, or picking up a bug whilst away, Hello! suggests that probiotics could be particularly useful. It highlights IBS sufferers as a group that should particularly consider taking probiotics on holiday; as there are a number of things that could cause a flare-up.

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"Travel influences your gut in many ways and can exacerbate IBS - a range of symptoms that as many as one in three of us suffer from." says Dr Sean Preston, a gastroenterologist from London Digestive Health. "The things that affect those symptoms - stress, a change of diet, hydration, lack of sleep - are like a perfect storm when we travel, particularly long-haul. You have the time change, air pressure changes, jet lag, new food and drink; everything is heading towards a flare-up of IBS."

Optibac For travelling abroad

At the end of the article Optibac 'For travelling abroad' was amongst one of the recommended probiotic supplements. Woohoo! Find out more about our specially formulated probiotic supplement for travelling.

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