'For every day' handpicked by Hello! mag

Leona Beeson BSc (Hons) Psychology

2019 has been an absolutely bumper year for Optibac in the press, and this week is no exception! Louise Parker, of the ‘Louise Parker method’ for weight loss, has mentioned us in her ‘Health intelligence’ column in Hello! magazine.

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Optibac supplements get another winning shout-out, this time in Hello! magazine

Louise is a weight loss expert, who views weight loss as a holistic exercise and approaches it from several angles, including fitness, food and mind-set.

Her article looks specifically at dietary supplements, and how to use them effectively. She advises that a good supplement does not have to empty your wallet, and that you should always make sure you understand exactly what you are putting into your body. We couldn’t agree more!

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Louise Parker's lastest Hello! health article was all about supplements and how to take them

The piece includes a list of handy guidelines to help you choose the right supplement. It starts with the simple fact that you should aim to take just three or four supplements a day. This way, you’re more likely to maintain the routine for a longer period of time. Other great tips include ensuring you aren’t doubling up on vitamins and minerals when you take combined supplements (e.g. multivitamins), and switching up your supplements when necessary.

Optibac 'For every day'

Our daily supplements are best taken with breakfast

We were so pleased that our ‘For every day’ was featured as number one on the ‘Louise LOVES’ list. It’s a great daily option, easy to take and doesn’t require refrigeration.

Why don’t you give it a try – we bet you’ll love it just as much as lovely Louise!

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