'For daily immunity' in Glamour mag

Elisha Iveson Lifestyle Writer

If you didn't know our 'For daily immunity' supplement is a glamorous little thing, well you do now! These little capsules, packed with probiotics, are over the moon to be in this month's Glamour magazine, alongside stylish fashion and lifestyle tips, and with the beautiful Keira Knightley on the front cover.

glamour magazine cover page

Glamour's November issue is packed with stylish tips, as well as immunity advice!

In a section called 'Immune Boosters on Trial' Glamour says 'Cold season is coming - but can supplements reduce the risk? We asked the experts to rank the remedies.' Probiotics of course feature in the top 5, with Philip Calder, professor of nutritional immunology at the University of Southampton, explaining the role of the gut in immune function:

"The theory is that probiotic bacteria improve the function of immune cells that live in the gut, which then travel elsewhere in the body to fight infections."

And our very own For daily immunity proudly features as Glamour magazine's 'Pick of the brands!'

Optibac For daily immunity

As of January 2018, Optibac 'For daily immunity' is a 5 billion strength product containing Lactobacillus paracasei CASEI 431 and a healthy dose of the antioxidant Vitamin C, which helps you to maintain normal functioning immunity.

Find out more on the product page 'For daily immunity'.

The same issue later goes on to feature more health and wellbeing advice, including an Energy Plan which we think is fab! This has tons of tips, including the importance of drinking water and saying hydrated. "Water makes you more alert, helps digestion and speeds up your metabolism", dietitian Helen Bond tells the magazine. Well we can certainly cheers to that.

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