Optibac wins Best Kids' Supplement 2019

Leona Beeson BSc (Hons) Psychology

As we fall into autumn, and the best summer yet for our 'For babies & children' draws to a close, we've got one more success to shout about...

 mums & tots award 2019


We have won 'Best Kids' Supplement in the Mums & Tots Awards 2019!

The Mums & Tots Awards are run by Mums & Tots magazine, Ireland's favourite maternity magazine. People from across the country are invited to nominate their top products. The awards are split into two main sections: the Best Product Awards, to encompass pregnancy- and child-related products, and the Top People Awards, to recognise inspirational parents, grandparents, medical professionals, and children.

2019 marks the seventh year of these awards, and we are honoured that 'For babies & children' is a winner!

'For babies & children' is an all-natural probiotic supplement, especially for your little ones. It helps to support their gut, skin and immune health, and is free from artificial sugars, flavourings and colours. It's also natural source of fibre. Why not try it for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about?

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