£100,000 raised for Womankind Worldwide

Jacob Collyer-Smith Lifestyle Writer

Every day is Women's Day at OptiBac. We are all about celebrating and supporting women. Every year to coincide with Internal Women's Day in March, we make the first of our biannual donations to Womankind Worldwide - an international women's rights charity.

We've partnered with Womankind Worldwide for the last 4 years; donating 20p, 30p or £1 (depending on pack size) for every pack of 'For women' that you purchase. We're incredibly proud to donate a further £27,600 which we've raised over the last six months, taking our total contribution to over £106,000. This wouldn't have been possible without the purchases that you all make, so we'd like to say a huge thank you for helping us to make this donation possible.

Photo of Kamala smiling

Womankind have helped Dalit women like Kamala find their voice

A Valued Contribution Around the Globe

Womankind Worldwide works in partnership with women's rights organisations and movements all around the world, with the aim to bring about positive and lasting change in women's lives. The charity works to advance women’s rights globally, and focuses its work with women’s movements in five focus countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda and Zimbabwe

Between 2016-2017, Womankind Worldwide worked with over 30 women's right organisations across 13 countries, which were able to directly support 74,530 women, providing support and services ranging from a safe place to escape violence to business training, and education. The charity also supported more than 8.7 million women, girls, men and boys through raising awareness on women's rights, lobbying for changes in legislation, and affecting change in policies and practices.

Optibac Probiotics - 'For women'

A Real Impact for Real People

Womankind Worldwide shared one woman’s story with us, to highlight the impact your purchases of 'For women' have made in the lives of women around the world.

As a Dalit woman, Mayawati is often deemed ‘untouchable’ because of her caste and her gender, meaning that she has experienced discrimination for much of her life. Like many Dalit women living in Nepal, Mayawati lacked confidence and self-esteem, often covering her face even in her home.

With support from Womankind’s partner, the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Mayawati joined a group of Dalit women to learn and demand their rights, train in leadership skills and support one another to save their income. Now, Mayawati can afford to send her children to school, she is standing up and uniting her community to drive change for future generations of Dalit women.

Photo of Mayawati smiling

FEDO help to support women like Mayawati by helping them set-up savings accounts

"Before I joined FEDO I was illiterate, I couldn't even write my name. I wore my shawl to cover my face because of the way people treated me as a member of the Dalit community. People would judge me if I showed my face so I wouldn't let anyone see it; I hid it from my neighbours, my mother and father-in-law and the entire community. Covering my face made it difficult to do anything including the household chores!"

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