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A source of daily inspiration and friendly advice – these mums’ Instagram feeds are a daily dose of parenting positivity. Sharing everything from candid family photos to real-talk on sensitive issues, these authors, nutritionists and #mumsofinstagram make a living from talking about the beauty and reality of being a mum. The result? Instagram accounts that remind fellow parents in moments of delight, stress or during sleepless nights that we’re not alone and to support the parenting community around us.

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So, what’s their secrets to making a day with kids run smoothly? We caught up with the following four mums on Instagram - who we're sure you probably already know and love - to find out the tips and tricks they turn towards to make mornings easier, using these nutritious and calming life hacks! Here’s what they had to say:

Shell Mills - @shellandthelittlies

Mum of two | 23k Instagram followers

Shell Mills - @shellandthelittlies

“My tip for a smooth morning ritual is preparation! I make a big batch of my Super Protein Porridge every Sunday and pour batches into small Tupperware bowls. It’s full of goodness and a great way for them to start the day well. When we come down for breakfast the Littlies are already hungry so I warm up a day’s portion and give them their OptiBac 'For babies & children' probiotics supplement in the meantime when it’s designed to work best!”

Shell's Super Protein Porridge recipe:

- Slow releasing oats

- Chai seeds (packed with Omega 3)

- Nut butter (for protein)

- Frozen mango

- Prunes (pitted)

- Bananas

- Cinnamon

- Milk of choice

Charlotte Stirling-Reed - @sr_nutrition

Mum of one | 3.9k Instagram followers

Charlotte Stirling-Reed - @sr_nutrition

As mum to 1 year old Raffy, Charlotte says: “First off, have snacks you can grab anytime you’re heading out of the door. I often make oatcakes – they take 10 minutes to create, travel easily and last for a long time so they’re great for busy mums! Next, have a really good bib that catches all the food during breakfast time. This saves you from cleaning the floor 3 times a day. Lastly, have multiple water bottles for the kids stowed away in various places from the car to your changing bag. That way, you know you’ll never be without a quick drink for your little ones (or you!)”

Lucinda Miller - @naturedockids

Mum of three | 6.3k Instagram followers

Lucinda Miller - @naturedockids

“With the mad rush of school day mornings, deciding what to feed kids can send parents into a stressful spin and it is very easy to default to packaged convenience food. Fill the kids’ lunchboxes before you go to bed and store in the fridge. That way, the kids are already asleep which means it is much less likely that you will give in to pester power and can choose exactly what to give them for their lunch and snacking. Also whilst you're there, why not set the table for breakfast too?”

Maya Moda - @just_another_mum_blogger

Mum of two | 8.9k Instagram followers

Maya Moda - @just_another_mum_blogger

Maya makes self-care a priority. She says: “Always make sure you get up early so you can have a shower and get dressed before the kids wake up! I know it can be tough some days but it is so worth it to have that slice of time to yourself."

"Also, it gives you time to make your favourite morning drink or perhaps pop to your local café! Getting in a brisk walk or just having those ten minutes to savour those first sips are a real game changer for your mood!”

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