Women’s Fitness features Optibac

Joanna Scott-Lutyens BA (Hons) DipION

We are delighted that Women’s Fitness are joining the growing list of magazines to give us a mention. Women’s Fitness features Optibac Probiotics For every day EXTRA Strength supplement as part of a detox regime in their March edition.

womens fitness magazine cover

Optibac Probiotics are featured in the March edition (detox special) of Women's Fitness

Never mind dry January, as a nutritional therapist I was delighted to read this article on detoxing. It encourages you to be kind to yourself, prepare for it and support yourself all the way through with some well chosen natural products. It also gives 5 days worth of lovely smoothie and soup suggestions helping you gently get rid of toxins and lose some of that stubborn weight.

The idea behind this diet is to 'give your body a break, freeing up energy so that your cells, tissues and organs can work efficiently again'. It doesn't advise jumping in at the deep end but rather preparing with a ‘pretox’ for a few days involving 'phasing out some foods as well as making some lifestyle changes'. As we all know sugar is a real no no for our blood sugar levels, energy, inflammation levels, neurotransmitter function and, of course the weight around out waistline which we all pinch once in a while and think grrrr. Eliminating sugar for five days and during the diet is recommended along with more sleep, more water, gentle exercise, lovely epsom salt baths and some supporting supplements.

Obviously the one we are particularly chuffed about is our product For every day EXTRA Strength which is recommended in the magazine.

They say...

"It contains 20 billion bacteria and helps finely tune the balance of the microorganisms in the gut reducing bloating and improving overall digestive health."

Women's Health points out that digestive health is very important as part of the detox regime, as it is of course the gut that digests and absorbs the nutrients we need and is a carrier for much of the waste we don’t. Imbalanced gut bacteria can cause fermentation of foods and a sluggish elimination all of which we don’t want! Absorption of food of course is also of upmost importance for bringing nutrients our liver needs to detoxify toxins and our general health. This is particularly desirable when making the effort to eat revitalizing green juice and carrot and coriander soup!

As I said I love this article not only for its simplicity and manageable approach to a healthy five days but also for its use of real foods and natural products. Don’t forget to grab the March copy (out now) for your recipes and list of natural products to help you along.