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Samuel Ter Haar Lifestyle Writer

Sleep is something that we all depend on - it provides us with the energy and sustenance to go about our daily lives, and no one likes to feel groggy, grouchy or moody as a consequence of sleep deprivation! Natural Health magazine's latest article explores the influence that your gut can play on your sleeping patterns. If you find yourself feeling droopy eyed, constantly drowsy, or increasingly lethargic, and you feel you've exhausted all the immediate remedial options, then check out Natural Health mag's article on six (not so obvious) reasons why you might be feeling tired all the time.

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The article is filled with some enlightening answers to this sometimes baffling & unanswered question. Written by a collection of nutritionists, nutritional therapists and doctors, the piece examines how various imbalances in our body, diet and lifestyle may be the true cause of our fatigue. It also provides some practical, easily-applicable solutions which you can easily implement into your daily routine. The six reasons for being 'tired all the time' encompass everything from anaemia and lack of food and drink to sleep apnoea. Egonza Makolli, a nutritionist, suggests that increasing consumption of iron-rich foods and consuming more 'probiotic-rich foods' could reduce those feelings of fatigue.

Another section, written by nutritional therapist Sandra Greenbank, suggests that your tiredness could be due to your thyroid not working properly, which can be caused by a lack of essential nutrients. She suggests increasing the amount of iron, zinc, iodine and vitamins you put into your system, as these nutrients are key to supporting your health. Equally, stress also plays a part in this and Greenbank advises that by doing some gentle exercise like walking, yoga or mediation, you can combat these symptoms.

Optibac 'For every day MAX'

The magazine recommends 'For every day MAX' as a "sleep saviour"

Natural Health mag is a big fan of Optibac 'For every day MAX', recommending it as a "sleep saviour". They suggest using this supplement as a way to keep your microbiome in check, and to support your general gut health and digestion.

So next time you find yourself counting sheep at night, perhaps probiotics could be the answer you've been looking for. 


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