Hello Fashion loves Optibac!

Kerry Beeson BSc (Nut. Med.) Nutritional Therapist

As we know, you can find all the celebs in Hello magazine, and that includes your favourite brand of probiotics! We’re delighted that our ‘For every day EXTRA Strength’ has been featured in the Hello’s Fashion Monthly (HFM) wellness article ‘Body Boost’, where it’s rubbing shoulders with Leona Lewis on page 113. The lovely Leona revealed that she takes probiotics as part of her daily healthcare regime, and we're very chuffed that our EXTRA Strength was the one suggested!

hello fashion magazine cover

Hello Fashion recommends our 'For every day EXTRA Strength'

The piece suggests that the secret to good health and beauty may be to start from within.

Optibac For every day extras strength

'For every day EXTRA Strength' - the celebrity's choice!

Wise words HFM!

On that note, we're very pleased that a couple of the strains in our ‘For every day’ product have been featured for anxiety – you can read more about this below:

Red Magazine features our live cultures for anxiety