Our latest supplement fans? Elle mag!

Elisha Iveson Lifestyle Writer

2019 couldn’t be off to a better start here in the Optibac office! Shout outs from Zanna van Dijk, The Times and Hello! already had us in pretty great spirits this January, but news just in: the Elle team are big fans of our supplements too…

Elle magazine front cover

Elle's beauty editor recommends Optibac as an affordable supplement option

Beauty Editor Jennifer George’s latest article is a confession on the ‘dodgy diets and quick-fix pills’ that sent her microbiome into ‘gut mayhem’ for decades. It’s a remarkably honest account from the editor on her experiences. In it, she says:

“Denying myself food and the lack of nutrients in my low-fibre, high-sugar diet created a toxic effect, ruining the chances of nurturing good bacteria.”

This attitude towards food combined with a ‘gut-ruining’ relationship with laxatives left Jennifer with hardly any good gut flora left! Luckily she has since taken lots of positive steps to remedy the situation. These include: rainbow eating, regular healthy breakfasts, exercising more and increase water intake.

During this time, Jennifer also started taking good bacteria supplements and recommends both our ‘For every day’ and ‘For daily immunity’. She explains:

“Optibac does affordable options from ‘For every day’ to a ‘For daily immunity’ strain that’s boosted with Vitamin C.”

We’re thrilled to see such a popular magazine like Elle discussing personal issues so openly. With Jennifer’s positive revelations following such persistent problems, plus our fourth mention in the press this month – we’d say it’s good news all round!

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