Can you freeze live cultures?

We don't recommend freezing our capsule supplements, because the capsules themselves might become damaged during this process. However, the probiotic contents can be frozen if desired.

Friendly bacteria themselves should be fine undergoing the process of freezing. However, for the Optibac range, we would not recommend freezing the capsules as there is a possibility that the capsules themselves could disintigrate during the freezing & defrosting period.

So from our range, it's fine to freeze the products which come in powdered sachets (Babies & ChildrenOne Week Flat, and Bifido & Fibre), but we wouldn't recommend freezing the other products in the range.

If you are wondering about freezing probiotics other than those in our range, the answer will probably depend on the quality of the bacteria strain in question. Freezing yogurt drinks should not damage the friendly bacteria - this process causes the bacteria to enter a dormant state, which is reversible when consumed. If you are in any doubt we would always recommend consulting your supplier directly.