Not Sure Where to Start?

At Optibac we make a wide range of supplements so that we can provide the best option for each individual.  We see this as a huge strength - as different friendly bacteria strains have been proven to have different properties.

Having said that, if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by choice, and you just want to try a daily good bacteria supplement and see how you feel, meet Every Day - it's an excellent place to start. 

Every Day

  • 6 high quality strains.
  • 5 billion live cultures guaranteed per daily dose.
  • Well researched & proven to survive to reach the gut alive.
  • Complements your natural microbiome.
  • With FOS fibres to help support your gut Bifidobacteria.
  • Easy to take capsule, with no nasty additives.
  • Great value for money at £12.99 for 1 month's supply.

Try taking this with your breakfast every day and let us know how you get on!

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Optibac Probiotics Every Day

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